Of course his feeling were hurt and discouragement set in but he didn't give up. The colleges wont care about the soccer level unless you are a recruited athlete. |. do they cut kids who are already on varsity? It's usually made up of older and more experienced players than the junior varsity team, like upperclassmen. Just my opinion. While some say you will gain invaluable experience even sitting on the varsity bench, I'm one to say there's not better experience than what you get while playing. Bench Warmer on Varsity . I was a starter in my freshman year, but I stopped trying and basically wasted my time in my entire sophomore . She got into her dream school ED so it all worked out. If youre the type of person who would lose passion for the game by not starting or you really feel that your goalie game would develop quicker in the long run with more playing time, go with the JV experience and wait to join the Varsity team until your Junior year. This is my opinion as a former coach and athlete and kids who played sports in HS, as a junior you should be playing varsity. This site is the only reason I learned tonplay goalie, as we have no coaches, so your idea is actually really awesome. Cut from varsity. Schools use JV to train their rising stars. The obvious con of the benchwarmer on Varsity decision is no game time. Do they really give players that choice? Either choice is good. Thats a good observation Hawk19I sometimes wonder if this site should be renamed ". It doesn't matter because HS soccer is irrelevant to college and the best players don't play at all. My sophomore season in high school, the varsity sent down 1 Junior to play first base. Leave me a comment down below. Lacrosse is my passion! He was Brighton's leading scorer . Freshman Logan Pokorney, left, and senior George . My advise would be to leave that decision up to the pitcher, coach and/or parents of the player. During my games I feel as so I cant step and its really been hurting my game, during practice I do amazing but during games its a whole other story and I cant seem to get myself to fix that problem if you have any advice please help me out coach, Also Im a first year goalie freshman year and my coach says Im really good for a first year and I want to make a future out of this. Currently he is only junior playing on the team the other junior who was playing got hurt. 1. I see you posted this in March of 2011 that means your son has his senior season which tryouts should be starting anytime within the next 2 months. 2 JVVARSIITY 2 . Now if you start, contribute and make all-league lists or whatever, sure, that's a legit feather in the cap. Unless the team is just stacked with talent. 7. Starting on JV vs. BD 46, Son is 5'9" and 165ish. TOM KEEGAN sports@chestertontribune.com. As a PP said, there may be injuries. This year, senior year, she was asked to be the only captain, played at least 90% of every game. If your thumb is broken you will be sidelided for awhile. GovForce just sayin. Booger, Shaditas is trying to coach a football team and being a real estate entrepreneurat at the same time. On the othen hand, he is getting practice with a better caliber of player, so there is some off-set. What are your thoughts? Or when the score is 9-2, as it was tonight. The coaches ARE watching : Your child may think they're hiding at the end of the bench or in a group on the sidelines, but a good coach is fully aware of what they are or aren't doing in practice and during a game. Star Hostel Taipei East, a newly furnished hostel locates at hippest east area of Taipei. Their physical size and athletic experience are also going to completely overshadow anything you might bring to the table. You've got to get yourself fully engaged in your sport. Our daughter switched to a private school and was required to sit out of Varsity sports for one year but was allowed to play JV. My son is definetly not one of them. Also some goalies get so frustrated with not playing in games that they lose passion for the sport and thats perhaps the worst possible thing that can happen. 08/17/2021 08:19 Subject: Starting on JV vs. They're on the radar screen already. For example, at the high school level, football teams are normally divided into junior varsity and varsity teams. Yet another example of conflating leadership with title. If pitching looks to be his ticket, then he probably will be working with the best pitching coach at the varsity level. He is a freshman who made varsity as a pitcher. Who Invented College? A number 10 or 11 varsity player might play two or three quarters on the JV and be pulled to preserve that quarter or two they may be needed at the varsity game. 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Specifically the most bad a$$ part of that community - the goalies! Yes, college is harder than high school, but without high school, you wont get into college. And the more you can experience and learn to handle those nerves the easier this position will be. They say teaching someone else something requires a higher level of knowledge so you might learn something about the goalie position helping others. I elected to start on the JV soccer team vs. being a benchwarmer on the Varsity. If the starting goalie is not that much better than you perhaps you dont learn as much. Over time, I'll get to learn more about you and deliver goalie info that's exactly what you need. If you play for jv, youll learn how to follow good leaders, the kinds of decisions good leaders make when theyre under pressure, and how good leaders treat their teams. Answer (1 of 3): Definitely play! She sat the bench pretty much all sophomore year. My sons high school had seniors on JV and no one thought anything of it. why does bilbo call himself ringwinner; william pratt california Game Day. Some schools have JV games to . High school sports can be tough, and rightfully so: its good preparation for the collegiate level, and its a great place to start building healthy athletic habits that will prepare you for a professional sports career, if thats your thing. varsity bench or jv starter. Personally, if I was in the situation as a Sophomore I would elect to play with the Varsity, but thats just me. She joined a club team (knowing no one), worked really hard, and ended up being a starter mid season junior year. A coach can also determine who and what is considered a varsity team and varsity sport. The Varsity Starter Play Set includes the Varsity kit, Scoop Slide, Rigid Swing Seat and Swing Hangers. I can't say the same for Shad's teams. Jaidyn saw time on the varsity unit and was also a full-time starter on the JV team, as well. Finally, if you shine on JV and if varsity has a bunch of injuries you could get pulled up to play in some varsity games as well. Some players see this as all negative and would rather not play, others see it as an opportunity to improve their skills and gain experience for the next year.Something for your son to consider, if the JV coach has stated there is someone, in their opinion that is ahead of him now, he may want to look at changing positions, which could potentially increase his opportunities now and in the future. Only got 10 AB and he ended the game .300 stat 2 doubles one triple and a walk. Oh yeah, and his uniforms were ugly and boring AF. Depending on the sport and a particular game, JV teams and junior varsity players may occasionally travel with the varsity team to games and be asked to participate when needed, for instance, to replace an injured varsity player in varsity games. The most negative mindset Ive heard about jv is that its the place where people who arent good enough to play varsity are placed. Im kinda stuck between which one I should choose, Im personally fine with playing on either but which one would colleges like better? Lax Goalie Rat LLC 2023 - All Rights Reserved. 15 Year Old That Made the Team but Warms the Bench. The varsity team typically represents the high school or college in intercollegiate or national competitions. I know some kids we played from the East Cobb Astros 14U looked physically like 18 y.o. It doesn't work because it's really called jack of all trades master of none. It could be the difference between persevering or quitting during his college freshman year. If by the Wikipedia definition of varsity, it is a sport that represents a school, and competes against other school's teams. It looks like he may have the choice of riding the bench on varsity or being a starter on JV. In my opinion, in a program this size, I would have thought the . Before the rule was, as soon as you were a junior you were put on varsity, regardless of skill. A player needs to have the skill, the athleticism, the strength and the mental toughness to make the jump from an 8th grade team to varsity. He went all 7 innings giving up 5 runs, 3 earned and only walked one. Is That Even a Real Question? Will one team ensure I get recruited into a good school? But they practice a lot more than they play games, and improve playing up. You can build a reputation on the soccer field while gaining valuable experience. Normally, high schools will take students from 9th and 10th grade to play and train in the JV level, although some of them might stay in the JV level until theyre in senior high, if their skills dont improve. JVs only play in varsity games if there aren't enough varsity players due to injuries, poor grades, or disqualifications. This, I believe, is the same for varsity: youneedto go through JV if you want to prosper in the varsity level. I'm still scratching my head at that because Meadows won football games and his teams looked disciplined and well coached. Dont belittle jv, its just as important as varsity, and I highly suggest you go through it if you want to be a great athlete! I think thats how Id advise my son. Varsity Starter - Ready To Assemble. Lives with the circumstance. Your email address will not be published. They had him do what your coach is going to do for your son: he practiced with the varsity but did most of his pitching down with the JV. Right now, I could become a starter for the JV team with more minutes or sit on the bench for the varsity. If he's looking for soccer after high school get as much as possible recorded and highlights made with full game footage ready to send if a coach asks for it. Thats the question. Memories, sure, and of course, friends. Hey coach, this article relates to me even though Im not in high school. The JV and Varsity only practiced together a couple times throughout the season. Its a scenario I faced many times at many points in my athletic career. Sitting On The Bench Instead Of Playing. I just dont think being captain of the JV team as a junior is a meaningful EC bump on your college app. The balls appears more beach-y. BUT see No. She sat the bench pretty much all sophomore year. I chose to play down because its not that great of difference and I would be the only goalie. There was no rule change and us goalies will have to wait before we break out the kayak style goalie sticks. He also wasn't really friendly to media, aside from his buddy Stork. Not doing enough athletically or academically is a good way to lose your place on the team. But you have to remember: youre playing a TEAM sport, and any goal you make, winning or not, is only possible because of TEAM effort. Right now I am a junior and I have played on the varsity tennis team at my high school for 2 years with letters (freshman and sophomore). The next Tom Brady or Brett Favre of the team gets their start in JV. ". Your coaches and captain can tell you which exercises will work best for you. Varsity. Everyone should play soccer because they think it is really fun, especially those that arent serious players. At my kids school it is common for juniors to be on JV - I think there was only one or two juniors on Varsity boys basketball last year and there were four or five seniors on JV volleyball. A young lacrosse goalie is trying to decide between being the backup goalie on the Varsity team or being the starting goalie on the JV team. What do you guys think I should do. Is it mean? Just real info that's meant to help lacrosse goalies become better. Im with @bgbg4us. As a coach myself, I would value the leadership and you can show that on either team, you dont have to have the C. Coach didn't play him for the next four games!? Varsity Spirit junior cheerleading uniforms are your cheer uniform foundation. Generally, JV team members show potential but could use a little extra training. and decided to sending him to JV WTH! Junior? But more often, freshmen are on the JV team to get their skills up to snuff. Im really sorry to hear that. Tough to get better if youre not even getting the practice reps. For me,as a lacrosse goalie Id go Varsity 2nd string. Your email address will not be published. Hope that helps. I gave up the game I loved to play a another game I liked Had a blast playing golf in HS and in college, but looking back, I wish I had never left baseball "2. The junior varsity team is made up of younger or less experienced players, like underclassmen. He throws low to mid 80's with a good tail on the fastball with a decent change and a good slider he can throw for strikes. Often, theres an unfair physical advantage and parents dont want their 13-14 year olds playing against 16-17 year olds in contact sports. The HS season is short and of no other consequence. Thread starter flash277; . Id work hard training with a better team and better coaches and perhaps earn a chance to compete with the starter. My sophomore season in high school, the varsity sent down 1 Junior to play first base. Coach Relationship: Some freshmen will join the varsity team . By conducting this analysis, youll get a clearer answer on whats best for you. Mix and match your wardrobe for all the ways . Will that make me look bad to recruiters? Read more about Star Hostel Taipei East. Honestly, its not going to make a lick of difference on your application. The clear pro of starting on the JV team is getting that game and leadership experience. He always showed his arse yelling at officials during games. That's what people have tried to get me to understand. my 12 y/o season, i didn't make the all star team and they were runner up in the state of oregon. Don't know how to treat this situtation. They are talented, they are smart, they are team-players, and if youre a freshman looking to become the next Michael Jordan or Terry Bradshaw, I suggest you play jv. Create yours today. Absolutely, but thats often the HS experience. We told her she had 3 choices, quit, continue sitting the bench, or improve. Some schools might call their JV teams freshmen/sophomore teams since freshmen and sophomores usually make up the JV rosters. Most people believe that it is better to play at a lower level then to sit at a higher level, and I also subscribe to that theory. Hi All, My 15 daughter (HS-Sophmore) has never been a great athlete & she is aware of this fact. He pitched last week against the #3 AAAAA team in the state and beat them. I really dont want my season to be over just yet. In a situation where a child is coming to practice every day, working hard, and never gets to play in the game, I think that you have a very good reason to talk to that coach and just ask him. I would take the captain role. Basically holds it off center and throws it like a fastball. In this sense, the word 'junior' is used to describe both the age and ability of the players. Im going to be honest with you: being in jv can sometimes make you feel ignored. Generally, JV team members show potential but could use a little extra training. NSCA understands what youre going through. Other than that, junior varsity teams compete with other junior varsity teams in a much lower-pressure environment than varsity. Not many get to do even that. I love basketball and I love to play. Jan. 2, 1985 12 AM PT. Learn more about Coach Damon. Conversely, the girls were different. Swamp Foxes power their way to state finals. Also majority of coaches/managers recommended players to go to the all stars because they are the kids of their buddies and their own kids (others with more talent are bypassed, not given the deserving opportunity). For the third game of the varsity season he called them up and. Originally published in the summer 2015 edition of VolleyballUSA (edited for length) To my knowledge, no one has ever actually uttered the words, "playing time, schmaying time.". But this doesn't mean that junior varsity players aren't talented: most jv teams will have the same stringent entry requirements as varsity teams, and will usually only choose the cream of the crop of applicants. But the Tigers struggled in the second half against Colonia's 2-3 zone, sinking just 11 of 34 shots . Usually, at the heart of the problem is the question: Why is my child sitting the bench? Strange phenomenon that the kids just described above always make it to the "all stars" (sarcasm detected). JV helps you develop your own personal style, build a relationship with your team and hone your teamwork. Free Breakfast. He had several strong starters ahead of himthey had him on the varsity roster, but I don't know if he got more than just a couple of innings on varsity. Now, my sophomore year in high school I was in the exact same situation with soccer. Usually coaches need these players . It seems to me youd be a starter and an impact player on JV, which is a lot more fun that getting very little playing time, which is likely, on varsity. E: this is for Field Hockey, by . However, If you captain the JV this year you likely play varsity next year which means both would ultimately go on your college apps. But in some cases, and depending on the school, a highly talented freshman athlete may be accepted directly into varsity. If they dont, Id take the varsity slot. When the varsity team was selected, he was one of 6 pitchers and backup C but 2 additional upperclassmen pitchers were cleared to return making a staff of 8. Whats Better for Goalies: Varsity Benchwarmer or JV Starter? Just the fact that he plays is his EC. Kids (and parents) know it. No. His situation is such that he is pretty good, and that his high school has not had a top notch pitching staff. But if you look beyond your insecurities, youll see that many of these players have become leaders. Best Wishes! The rest are just science experiments!We already had that and it has set us back decades.We have the opportunity to get one of the best 1A coaches with on field development and win loss record available and there are gonna sh#$ the bed and send us back to Oakdale/Unaka level for good.The kids,Community and fans in general don't deserve this.We have a very faithful fan base but last year it got so bad they were deciding to just stay home.This is a very important hire!! (1) Why doesn't my child make it onto the playing field for any minutes or seconds. You can't be both at a program that requires 100% attention or the fan base will tear you into pieces. There is a real good chance that your player will find himself in this very position during his first college season. I recently tried out for soccer and the coach talked to me after tryouts and said I have two options: I can be a captain on jv or a player on varsity. The Lacrosse Goalie Summit replays give you access to best goalie coaching out there. You just dont know what will happen. The Colonia boys basketball team poses with alum Eric LeGrand after beating Snyder to win the North 2 championship on Feb. 27, 2023. California is to big to have a state title so it's broken up into sections. How? The membership of a junior varsity team shall be composed of varsity substitutes and any other non-varsity players identified on the schools eligibility list. The senior ahead of him on the Varsity was an all city, all state player. I've even been told he was better than Meadows and did more with less than Meadows could have. Superb. Being a JV starter could give you the chance to sharpen and hone your skills. JV Helps You Develop Your Athletic Skills. Role: Coach. I served as a backup 2 years in college and I still had a ton of passion for the game. Nothing can simulate game experience except playing in those games. From hanging around these boards, I've come to the conclusion that most posters' kids are among the very best players in HS. Some freshmen and sophomore varsity players are benchwarmers. Bench Warmer on Varsity. Colleges aren't going to want you more because you played just enough minutes to letter your freshman/sophomore year. Varsity is a tough place, and if youre not prepared for it properly, youre going to wash out faster than you can say first down. It's usually considered a chance for younger players to compete against each other and gain experience to be prepared to play at the varsity level. The obvious answer is to demonstrate leadership while playing varsity. Therefore, I think it truly depends on the individual goalies situation and personality. Simply click here to return to. Just curious about freshman playing varsity as pitchers, I know from playing some teams from Ga. that you guys have some great players at the 14U level, I imagine older players as well. i love watching them transition onto the gigger field and som of them never really make the change even though they were studs in little league. Then he was pushed to the end of the varsity bench as a junior; Hereford swept to a state title, but Coyne never played and didn't even dress for five games. Also, keep strength training and conditioning at the gym. I'm a sophomore pitcher and 3rd baseman that started on the varsity baseball team last year as a freshman and finished the year with a 2.20 ERA (3rd in my league) a 4-1 record, 37 innings pitched, 43K's, 1.2WHIP, the 16 best ERA for freshman in the state of california, and we won the North Coast section. What is the difference between JV and Varsity? I disagree that schools will weight varsity over JV. 72 Total Reviews. There is joy in playing a lot, and being one of the best players. The coach knew he would need this junior the next year as a starter and wanted him to get the experience, rather than sit on the bench behind the senior. So ultimately it is the players choice. the team has been conditioning for about a month, and i have been every day. 3. Based on the comments of several readers Ive realized that many high school programs offer the ability to play with both the JV and the Varsity squad. A first-year varsity starter, Braintree goalie Ryan Cochrane (30) and his teammates celebrated a Division 1 first-round win over Bay State Conference rival Weymouth at Zapustas Arena. On the AAU circuit, she runs with the loaded TN Hurricanes and is a force on the court. In answer to OPs question: My best guess is that colleges would like JV Captain better than being a member of the varsity team unless one is a recruited athlete. Son is RHP/C/OF and 1 of 3 freshman to make his HS varsity team. And if you start your leadership training in jv, youre going to have a team of people willing to follow you to the ends of the earth once you become a senior. Just because this season maybe didn't work out, use the information gained in talking with the coach and set about making improvements to his game to make them keep him and play him.I always tell my players, no matter how much you put into baseball, it will always give back more to you than you put in.We have an MLB player who comes and works out with our team when we start up in February. Meanwhile, you could play in a lower lever and not only enjoy playing time but perhaps be the star of the team. The con is that youre playing and practicing against a lower level of talent.